The USDA’s Crop Progress report showed just what analysts expected – significant progress in planting corn and soybeans.

According to the report, 73 percent of the nation’s corn is in the ground, compared to 65 percent in 2013 and the five-year average of 76 percent. This progress is also 14 percentage points ahead of last week’s report.

A Reuters poll of analysts pegged this week's progress at 74 percent.

Highlights of corn planting progress include:

  • Corn planting in Pennsylvania (51 percent) advanced by 24 percentage points from last week, the most among the top 18 corn-producing states. Minnesota (53 percent) and South Dakota (73 percent) also reported corn planting progress 22 and 21 percentage points above last week’s report respectively.
  • Colorado (83 percent) and Missouri (92 percent) are the furthest ahead of their 2013 pace.
  • Michigan (29 percent), Minnesota, North Dakota (17 percent), Ohio (50 percent), Pennsylvania (51 percent) and Wisconsin (36 percent) are between 3 and 42 percentage points below their progress made last year.
  • Overall, 10 states are ahead of their five-year averages.

Around one-third of corn has already emerged, well-ahead of last year’s report of 17 percent but still behind the national five-year average of 42 percent.

The report also showed 33 percent of soybeans planted, 13 percentage points ahead of last week and 5 percentage points behind the national five-year average. Nebraska (65 percent) made the most progress from last week’s report, advancing by 29 percentage points.

Nine percent of soybeans have emerged.

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