Summer brings fantasies of escaping down a deserted highway at sunset in a red convertible letting the wind ruffle your hair, and a cow on its way to a meatpacking plant in Emporia, Ks., had a similar fantasy.

A truck driver on Highway 50 in south-central Kansas, returning from the same meatpacking plant, reported the spectacle: a cow sitting on the roof of a moving trailer.

An investigation into the incident found a partition in the trailer came loose, allowing the cow to push his way to the roof of the trailer. The driver was stopped and the cow was coaxed back into the trailer without any damage done. Read more here.

Sheriff T. Watson explained the incident on the Harvey County Sheriff’s Facebook page: “Cows should be in trailers, not on top of them. Just another crazy call for sheriff deputies. The cow was not injured nor was anyone else. A ramp broke and the cow walked up to the top of the trailer.”

One person joked on the Facebook post, “I think I want to be a sheriff’s deputy when I grow up.” Another person ribbed, “That is what you call Atop Sirloin.”