Congress is back in session this week, but only for a little while. Congress takes a month-long break every August, and by September most of the focus will be on how to keep the government funded after the end of the fiscal year.

The current Congress is on pace to be the least productive ever. So far only 15 bills have been passed and signed into law and some of those are so minor that they can hardly be counted.

Need an example? One was a bill that specified the size of the metal blanks used for making some commemorative coins.

The previous record for unproductiveness was set by the last Congress that had passed only 23 bills after the first six months on the job.

Small wonder a Gallup poll shows a 78 percent disapproval rating for Congress. And since another 5 percent had “no opinion”, the poll netted only 17 percent approval.

Another debate over raising the debt ceiling is also expected this fall.

The current extension of the 2008 farm bill expires at the end of September, and policies revert to 1949 permanent law if no action is taken.