The fallout from the defeat of the farm bill in the House of Representatives continues.

Politicians from both parties are playing the blame game, but no one is clear on what happens next.

 Congress is in recess, next week and there is a (slim) chance that the House leadership will bring the bill back to the floor in July, after tempers have cooled. Then the House could vote on the same bill again, add more food stamp cuts to win the approval of more Republicans or reduce the food stamp cuts to get more Democrats to vote for the bill.

The House could simply bring the bill passed by the Senate to the floor for a vote, but that, too, is highly unlikely.

Many observers say Congress will just have to pass another extension of the 2008 Farm Bill. But the Majority Leader says that wouldn’t pass in the Senate. So for now, the farm bill will probably get pushed to the back-burner until looming deadlines make it enough of a “crisis” again.