In March, a father and son pair from Racine, Minn., were each charged in Mower County District Court with one misdemeanor count of mistreating animals-deprive of food/shelter after 22 dairy cattle were found dead in a barn. Kate Fay of the Post Bulletin reports that the two men have resolved the cases.

Donald Ray Sween, 76, and Michael Roy Sween, 52, were placed on probation for two years after the the cases were continued for dismissal. As part of the punishment, neither can own any livestock. Judge Ross Leuning’s ruling means that prosecution is suspended for two years. If the Sweens comply with the court order, after the two years, the charges will be dismissed, Fay reported.

The Sweens were involved in a serious car accident before the cattle were discovered, which left both of them with serious injuries and unable to care for the animals, Mower County Sheriff Terese Amazi told Fay. Donald suffered from head trauma, and Michael was left with severe physical injuries. Michael, however, was able to call for help, but didn’t, Amazi said.