Data from seven key categories was used to crop the top 100 most populous cities down to the 10 best cities for meat eaters.

The analysis composed by a real estate blog considered a town’s proximity to cattle ranches, the number of annual BBQ festivals, and the number of meat-focused restaurants per capita to rank all 100 cities.

According to, the following seven categories were considered to determine the final order:

  • Steak houses per capita
  • Butchers/meat shops per capita
  • Barbecue restaurants per capita
  • Burger joints per capita
  • Hot dog vendors per capita
  • Number of National BBQ Festivals annually
  • Cattle ranches within 15 miles

With the breakdown complete, the site settled on the top 10, or 11 with a tie, meat-friendly cities.

1. Orlando, FL
2. Cincinnati, OH
3. Atlanta, GA
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. St. Louis, MO
6. Birmingham, AL
7. Tulsa, OK
8. Baton Rouge, LA
9. Miami, FL
T10. Honolulu, HI
T10. Tampa, FL

Only two of the cities are located in the Midwest’s major cattle-producing states and few of the top 10 have a reputation for BBQ. Based on the author’s data, Honolulu is the number one city for barbeque restaurants per capita, followed by Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala.

Another consideration by the author was the proximity to cattle ranches. With a growing interest in eating local and sustainable food, the author identified the cities with the most cattle ranches located less than 15 miles away. The leading city in this category was Scottsdale, Ariz. with 40 nearby cattle ranches per 221,020 people.