Last year, Dodge Ram made headlines with their moving “So God Made a Farmer” commercial. It was named one of the top commercials of 2013, and helped raise $1 million for the National FFA.

Dodge Ram not done with 'So God Made a Farmer' just yetJust days before the Super Bowl kicks off, Dodge Ram has released an extended version of the popular commercial, featuring the full speech from Paul Harvey.

“It's the least we can do to say thank you for supporting the Year of the Farmer,” the company said.

Dodge Ram also named 2013 the “Year of the Farmer,” and though the promotion may have ended, their praise for the hardworking men and women who feed and clothe the nation and world continues.

The company explained, “the "Year of the Farmer" may have formally ended, but that doesn't mean that Ram Trucks is any less dedicated to the hard working men and women that live the American farming way of life”

Click here or the embedded video above for the full commercial.

Fans are already pouring in their support for the campaign.

“I'm a ford guy, but this commercial is the best truck commercial any brand has made. Respect,” one fan left on the company’s YouTube channel.

“Best marketing approach in my opinion. I wouldn't drive anything but a ram,” another added.

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The commercial was also successful in driving sales for the brand. The New Yorker reports in an article here sales of Ram trucks “climbed three percent in February and twenty-six percent in March over 2012 in the two months after the Super Bowl spot was broadcast.”

All eyes will be watching to see what Dodge Ram shows at this year's Super Bowl, but it will be up against some tough competition. Chevy released its Super Bowl ad prior to the big game, giving a stud bull swagger.