Is your job making you fat?

For transportation workers, that answer is a resounding "yes,"  but for farmers, the answer is "maybe.”

Does farming make you fat? New data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which took into account a random sample of 138,438 employees aged 18 or over, found that one in four farming, fishing or forestry workers are obese.

“This group performs best on two of the top predictors of obesity -- healthy eating and exercise, which is likely due to the physical nature of their work,” Gallup concluded.

Gallup also named "farming, fishing or forestry" as the best occupation for exercising at least 30 minutes daily and eating healthy through the day. However, safety remains an issue.

More than one-third of transportation workers -- 36.4 percent -- were found to be obese. Physicians had the lowest obesity rate -- 14 percent. 

With physicians being so low, it may be that knowledge of health-related issues plays a role as well. 

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