Seeing the beef production system first-hand fosters understanding and advocacy, and the process begins within our own community. To facilitate that experience, Drovers/CattleNetworkperiodically hosts Beef Systems Tours as a service to our advertisers. Our goal is to help the people who market products to farmers, ranchers and veterinarians experience multiple aspects and segments of U.S. beef production, so they can develop accurate and effective messages for their customers and the general public.

During the week of May 5, we held our 2014 Drovers Beef Systems Tour in northern Colorado, travelling out of Fort Collins to visit cow-calf, seedstock, feedyard, farming, research and beef-packing operations in the foothills and on the High Plains. Our guests represented companies marketing animal-health and nutrition products, agricultural equipment and agricultural finance. The tour provided them with a diverse look at beef production in the region, along with roadside views of other agricultural enterprises including various crops, dairy and lamb production.

Here are a few highlights from the tour.