DuPont Crop Protection’s Land Management business unit has introduced a new team of specialists to provide enhanced support to the range and pasture market. The eight experienced regional range and pasture (R&P) specialists, led by Roxanne Gutschenritter, will help forage and cattle producers identify and implement range and pasture improvement strategies. The R&P team also will support DuPont Crop Protection field development and sales teams working with agriculture and industrial vegetation management customers.

“Adding resources to the range and pasture market will help us meet customer needs today and introduce new technologies as they become available,” said John Chrosniak, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. The specialist team will help producers develop reliable, sustainable solutions that improve the value of hay; enhance forage production; and protect investments in land, cattle, horses and other livestock.

“Developing this new team of seasoned R&P experts is another sign of the ongoing DuPont commitment to helping our customers enhance their long-term prosperity as we work together to feed a growing world population sustainably,” said Chrosniak.

Gutschenritter said the team’s focus in range and pasture markets will help producers tackle local challenges and leverage opportunities unique to each region.

“Extra support in key range and pasture markets allows us to provide one-on-one guidance for our customers in range and pasture improvement, brush control, invasive weed control, restoration, and habitat management,” said Gutschenritter.  “With this ‘boots on the ground’ approach, we’ll be able to help identify and resolve R&P issues more quickly and effectively.”

The new specialist team and their areas include the following:

  • Nevin DuPlessis, northwestern states
  • Rob Brattain, Montana and Wyoming
  • Katie Conklin, North Dakota and South Dakota
  • Chris Bryan, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas
  • Matt McGowin, mid-South states
  • Frank Jones, southeastern states
  • Gerald Hobson, New Mexico and western Texas
  • Jack LeClair, Oklahoma and eastern Texas

Find your local DuPont range and pasture specialist by visiting Find a Rep page.

“Our highly skilled team is ready to help producers manage toward high-quality, high-yielding range and pasture land,” said Gutschenritter. “We have the resources to apply industry-leading practices and technologies wherever our customers are located.”

For more information on range and pasture improvement strategies and technologies, visit DuPont’s range and pasture website.

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