Elanco announces Full Value Beef - the evolution of its beef brand and a commitment to building partnerships that can meet today's industry challenges.

Full Value Beef is a different way of doing business. It's a customized approach designed to better understand customers' needs and to better serve them through discovering profitable opportunities.

"We're starting the Full Value Beef conversation with our customers by sharing our personal 'whys' - the reasons that motivate us to be so dedicated to this partnership approach," said Todd Armstrong, director of Elanco's beef business unit.

"My 'why' - the reason I have so much passion about what I do every day - is to enable a future for our customers, our people and our business. I want to equip them with the tools they need to meet their goals because I draw energy and excitement from seeing and helping others succeed."

Elanco recognizes that beef producers have a great responsibility to their families, their industry and the world. "To build a true partnership and ultimately discover profit together, we need to understand what is important to them - why they do what they do," said Armstrong. "We are dedicated to learning what motivates our customers and to building a stronger foundation for our partnership."

Watch our video and learn more about why Elanco Full Value Beef experts do what they do.

Building a partnership
Full Value Beef is not a one-size-fits-all approach - it's about building partnerships with customers and discovering solutions that come in many different forms. These partnerships will be strengthened through the understanding of customers' "whys," discovering their needs, and accomplishing goals together.

Elanco has determined four primary areas where its expertise and experience can benefit its customers' businesses: health management, feed optimization, end-point management and ensuring continued access to markets and technologies. By striving to understand customers' needs,

Elanco and its customers will find profitable opportunities in these areas and discover insights that have an impact on customers' bottom lines.

"We are putting our customers - and why they do what they do - first," said Armstrong. "Full Value Beef is about truly understanding what our customers need, expect and desire, and working together to discover the full value of a partnership."

Find out why people at Elanco do what they do at elanco.us/why.