While entertaining song parody videos like “I’m Farming and I Grow It” by the Peterson brothers and the inspirational “Farmer” video Dodge played during the Super Bowl get more attention, a coalition has released its own list of agricultural videos to help connect consumers with the farmers producing their food.

The videos produced by agricultural associations, companies and other groups breakdown the costs of operating a farm, using byproducts as energy and dealing with the challenges of feeding a growing population and dealing with drought.

Farmers are shown throughout the videos adopting new practices to be good stewards of the land while increasing the amount of food produced per acre.

Farm Policy Facts decided to highlight the less-seen videos offering a glimpse into agriculture in America.

Members of the Farm Policy Facts coalition include the American Sugar Alliance, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Cotton Council, USA Rice Federation, National Crop Insurance Services and Southwest Council of Agribusinesses.

Here are the Top 10 videos:

1. The Cost of Starting a Farm
Produced by The Hand That Feeds U.S.

2. Insights Into the Devastating Drought of 2012
Produced by National Crop Insurance Services

3. What do America's Farmers Grow?
Produced by America's Farmers

4. Farmers Respond to EWG Criticisms
Produced by NCIS

5. USA Rice: Homegrown, World Famous
Produced by USA Rice Federation

6. Texas. Cotton. Better
Produced By Texas Cotton Association

7. USA: World Without Farmers—One Hungry Planet
Produced By BASFAgro

8. Harvesting Sweet Energy
Produced By the Hand that Feeds U.S.

9. Stewardship Spotlight: Bill Gordon
Produced by Minnesota Corn Growers

10. Farmer Profile: Barry Evans: "Corporate Agribusiness CEO"
Produced By the Hand That Feeds U.S.