The Billings Gazette reports Montana farmers will make the trek south to deliver hay to cattle ranchers retaining cattle in hopes of selling livestock for more money in the fall when lower supplies are expected.

Billy Percifield is hauling round bales 1,400 miles to Texas for Montana rancher Howdy Hildebrand. Percifield told The Billings Gazette he wouldn’t normally carry them over a few miles because the bales hang off the sides of the trailer. Hildebrand would receive about six phone calls each day from southern ranchers looking for hay and willing to pay $110 to $150 per bale. He’s backed up three weeks worth of hay orders and is going to pull his sale ads from Texas markets so he’s able to ship orders closer to home.

Parts of Texas have seen less than three-tenths of an inch of rain since January 1 and ranchers who haven’t sold their cattle are looking for feed until the next rain comes. July cattle placements were higher than expected meaning short term prices will be a little lower, but as supplies shrink prices will increase again.

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Source: The Billings Gazette