Farmer’s lost iPhone takes wild international journeyAccording to the Associated Press, Keven Whitney lost his iPhone last October when it slipped out of his shirt pocket as he was unloading grain in Chickasha, Okla. It quickly disappeared into a bin filled with 280,000 pounds of grain.

"I thought I'll never see that phone again," said Whitney in a KFOR report.

The phone traveled halfway around the world as the grain load moved from Chickasha to Louisiana before crossing the ocean to reach Hokkaido, Japan. It was there, at its last stop, a worker made an unusual discovery in the shipment – Whitney’s smartphone.

Efforts were made to contact Whitney, who received news of the discovery in late-May.

“He said, ‘Did you lose a cellphone?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I lost a cellphone last fall,’” Whitney told the “TODAY show."

Now Whitney has his phone back and still can’t believe the nearly 7,000-mile journey his iPhone took.

“It’s crazy,” Whitney said. “I can’t believe it. What really shocked me about it all, though, when I first got the phone call, was what a small world it is.”

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