It may be a busy time of year, but America’s farmers and ranchers need to add one more thing to their to-do lists: go see “Farmland,” which opens in select theaters nationwide on May 1.

‘Farmland’ movie: Go see it today!In the film, six young farmers come together to tell just a few of the many stories of American agriculture. But the target audience of this movie goes well beyond rural audiences.

“I want everyone who eats to see this movie,” director James Moll told reporters at the Tribecca Film Festival.  

Moll hopes urban audiences can learn just as make from "Farmland" as he did while making it.

In a teleconference hosted by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, Moll explained that through “Farmland,” audiences will be able to be take a virtual step onto some of America's farms, likely for the first time.

“I grew up in a city, and I never stepped foot on a farm. Now I have had that opportunity. I wondered who it was growing our food, and I now know,” he said. “If other people can come away from this film feeling they have now stepped onto a farm, then I feel really good about it.”

David Loberg, a corn and soybean farmer from Nebraska, adds the film helps to address a growing “disconnect” between producer and consumer that is swaying how the public sees farmers.

“They don’t view us as the same,” Loberg said. “All they view is someone stamping out food, and they don’t realize we’re just like them.  We have families; we have kids. We go home every night. We have bad days. We have good days.”

Through the film, Loberg points audiences “actually get to see that there’s a human being behind what they see in the grocery store, and that person cares very much so about what they put on that grocery store shelf.”

Everyone is urged to see “Farmland,” even those who may be critical of agricultural practices.

“I just encourage any critics of agriculture [to] just see the film, and then we’ll talk,” Texas and Colorado rancher Brad Bellah said.

A full list of theaters can be see here.