A decision made Tuesday will add an import levy on beef cattle and every beef product crossing into Canada.

The announcement by Canada Beef and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz updates the Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Levies Order to include an import levy that is the equivalent of a dollar per head for all beef-related products imported by Canada.

Fee added on cattle exports to CanadaThe fee levels the playing field to be even with Canadian cattle and beef purchasers who already pay the charge.

"These regulations give Canada Beef the right to collect a levy on imports of beef cattle, beef and beef products, something that has not been done before on other agricultural products coming into Canada," Canada Beef Chairman Chuck Maclean said in a release. "This is a significant step forward for not only the beef industry but for the Canadian agriculture sector."

The import levy will contribute to the funding of marketing, promotion and research for Canada’s beef industry. A 2010 study by Professor John Cranfield of the University of Guelph shows every dollar invested into the beef promotion program yielded a return ratio of 9-to-1 for the beef industry.