Projected U.S. feed grain supplies for 2013/14 are 395.4 million tons, 109,000 tons lower than last month. Sorghum imports edged up and barley imports slid 5 million bushels. Total use of the four feed grains is projected at 359.0 million tons, 3.4 million higher than last month and 62.4 million over 2012/13.

Food, seed, and industrial (FSI) use slid 127,000 tons due to a reduction in sorghum used for ethanol. Feed and residual is lowered, with sorghum feed use reduced more than projected oat feed use increased. Exports are raised 3.7 million tons to 49.3 million on larger forecast corn, sorghum, and barley shipments. For comparison, exports in 2012/13 were 20.7 million tons, or 42 percent of the total exports projected for the current marketing year.


Source: USDA/ERS – Feed Outlook