Move over “selfies!” There’s a new fad that’s sweeping the Internet and giving consumers "a source of information as close to the dirt your food is grown in as you can get."

What is a “selfie?”
It was Oxford Dictionary's word of the year in 2013. They define it as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website."

The trend of taking photos of oneself has been transformed thanks to a contest hosted by the Irish Farmers Journal. The contest asked Irish farmers to take a “selfie on the farm” – that is, taking photos of themselves with their livestock and/or farm equipment.

These "felfies" have now gone global after being hijacked by farmers in Canada, Finland and New Zealand.

It also made its way to the United States and proven to be the perfect tool to start a conversation with consumers.

 “The felfie provides what many urban people are searching for: a view of where their food starts,” dairy farmer Carrie Mess, better known as blogger Dairy Carrie, wrote in an editorial featured in The Guardian. “My own felfie below comes from a night last week in our freestall dairy barn when it was a nippy -35F (-37C) in our part of Wisconsin.”

#Felfies: Farmers can take ‘selfies,’ too“There are good conversations going on in the comments underneath photos or on Twitter with people getting answers to their food and farm questions straight from the source,” she wrote.

Read, “Felfies help people understand where their food comes from.”

Ag blogger Ryan Goodman also applauded “felfies.”

“It's actually a pretty great way for farmers to mesh with a pop-culture movement and make a few connections that lead to a little advocacy. Adding a bit of personality to our messages helps build those relationships,” Goodman wrote on his blog.

As Time magazine reports in an article here, there are even websites devoted to “felfies,” including and

Interested in participating? Take your own “felfie” and post it on via Twitter, Instram or Facebook using the hastag #felfie.