Demand for bred females has been strong so far during August, with prices in most categories improving over already-high July prices. Across the markets included in Drovers/CattleNetwork’s exclusive six-region survey, bred heifers through the first three weeks of August averaged $1,800 per head, up from $1,690 in July and $1,380 in August 2013. Young and middle-aged cows also sold higher, averaging $1,796 compared with $1,612 in July and $1,126 a year earlier.  Aged cows, at $1,433, were up only slightly from July but well above the August 2013 average of $1,081. 

Cows with young calves at their sides averaged $2,117 during August, up from $1,981 in July and $1,318 a year earlier. Cows with large calves averaged $2,190 per pair, up from $1,993 in July and $1,506 last August.

The value of open females moved higher in all age classes. Heiferettes averaged $138 per hundredweight, up $9 per hundredweight from July’s average and $47 higher than last August. Young and middle-aged females, at $143 per hundredweight were up by $23 per hundredweight over the July average. Older cows averaged $122 per hundredweight, up about $12 from July.

Demand for short supplies of slaughter cows also remains strong, with utility and commercial cows averaging $118 per hundredweight and canner and cutter cows averaging $97 in August, up from $107 and $95 respectively in July and $79 and $72 a year ago.