ST. PAUL, Minn.—The Southwestern corn borer has relatively few hosts.  Unfortunately, as its name suggests, corn is one of them.

A recent ‘Focus on Corn’ presentation by Dr. Scott Stewart, Professor and IPM Specialist at the University of Tennessee, helps growers, crop advisors, and others in the corn industry to better manage corn borer pests in corn.

Stewart’s webcast, titled “Managing for Corn Borers, Emphasizing the Southwestern Corn Borer”, offers useful information for the field, including…

- Feeding symptoms and damage

- The monitoring of pest populations

- Ways to prevent crop losses, including the appropriate use of insecticides and Bt technologies.

While this talk focuses on Southwestern corn borer in the southern United States, much of the information will also apply to the European corn borer.

This 30-minute presentation is open access through September 30, 2013.

This and other Focus on Corn presentations can be viewed at

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