Wal-Mart Stores again tops this year’s Fortune 500 list, which also includes several other familiar companies involved in food and agriculture. Wal-Mart, with revenues totaling $422 billion and $16.4 billion in profits, tops the list for the second year in a row.

Among the rest of the top 100, supermarket chain Kroger comes in at number 25, with $82.2 billion in revenues and $1.1 billion in profits. Costco is number 28 and Target is listed at number 33.

Apple joins the list at number 35. OK – I know it’s not a food company – couldn’t resist.

Archer Daniels Midland comes in at number 39 and Kraft Foods at 49. Grocery chain Safeway is number 60 on the list and Supervalu is 61. Food service distributor Sysco comes in at number 67.

Tyson Foods is listed at number 93, and John Deere at number 98.

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