Supermarket expert Phil Lempert and ConAgra Foods released shopping and cooking trends to watch next year and predicts new types of shoppers in grocery aisles with a focus on frozen foods.

Most of Lempert’s predictions focus not on what consumers are eating, but on who is doing the shopping and how consumers are eating. Lempert expects Millennials and men in general to play a bigger role when it comes to buying and preparing food in 2013.

He forecasts a shift in the size of meals with an emphasis on frozen foods, allowing meals to be prepared quickly using fresh, high-quality ingredients that have been flash frozen to retain as many nutrients as their fresh counterparts.

Lempert expects consumers to eat smaller portions per sitting in 2013 along with more frequent eating patterns. Grocers are expected to offer pre-portioned meal options and restaurants will likely capitalize on the trend by offering more appetizers and smaller meals.

A survey from Cone Communications has found more men are planning weekly meals than women, leading grocery stores to target men and even test “man aisles” full of male-oriented products. Stores will also focus on Millenials with affordable, ethnically diverse foods.

Phil Lempert works closely with ConAgra Foods and retailers across the U.S. and according to a release by ConAgra, holds the reputation as the premier forecaster of consumer behavior within the world of food.