America is food secure. Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

When we think of security, we often think the physical safety of our loved ones and homeland. Too often we forget having plentiful and safe food as a part of that equation.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t hunger in America. More work needs to be done to make sure everyone has a full belly when they go to bed. But that’s not because American farmers don’t provide enough food for everyone.

America has food assurance because farm and ranch families respond to consumer signals that keep food and fiber flowing from the farm gate to the dinner plate. Choice, free markets and incentives for profit are covenants farmers and ranchers make with America to keep pantries full.

It’s a trust they take seriously: Conserving, preserving and wisely using America’s precious resources to ensure American-grown means America can always have plenty of safe food to eat.

Let freedom…and the dinner bell ring!