Global coarse grain production projected for 2013-2014 is reduced 3.3 million tons this month to 1.25 billion, with nearly all the reduction in U.S. corn prospects.

Foreign production is nearly unchanged, increasing 0.15 million tons to 877.5 million. For spring-sown crops in the Northern Hemisphere, planting is ongoing, and it is too early to modify last month’s projections. Southern Hemisphere crops are still unplanted and remain as previously forecast.

EU coarse grain production is increased 0.4 million tons this month to 151.9 million. Barley area in the UK is increased as spring barley is planted on land that was too wet for planting winter wheat and rapeseed last fall. EU barley production is forecast up 0.3 million tons to 55.6 million. EU corn production prospects are up 0.1 million tons to 63.9 million.

A sharp reduction in Italy caused by flooding was more than offset by improved prospects in Hungary, Poland, France, and Bulgaria. Tunisia reported winter barley yields below previous expectations, with dryness in the south reducing production prospects 0.15 million tons to 0.375 million. Millet production in Ukraine is slightly reduced based on smaller planted area.