Is an agriculture degree a better decision than an MBA? Investment guru Jim Rogers says, “yes.” 

"If you've got young people who don't know what to do, I'd urge them not to get MBAs, but to get agriculture degrees," Rogers told

In the CNBC report, Rogers sees the finance industry slipping into secular decline.  For young people pursuing careers, farming – not finance – may be the best option. 

"Finance has been good the past 30 years, but it was not good the 30 years before that, and it's happening again," Rogers said. "Finance is in decline. In the future, the center of the world will not be finance—it's going to be the producers of real goods."

Timothy Burcham, dean of agriculture and technology at Arkansas State University, agrees.

"We are going to be trying to feed 9 billion people by 2050 with the same number of acres of arable land," Burcham said. “The opportunities for a person that has a graduate degree in agriculture are great now, but they are going to be really, really excellent going into the future."

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Roger’s advice is in stark contrast to a 2012 Yahoo! article naming three agricultural majors as some of the most “useless” majors offered by colleges. The article prompted a number of rebuttals from across the country. Read, “Commentary: Yahoo, please don’t mess with the goat ropers”  

Graduates with agricultural degrees have relatively low unemployment rates, and the starting salaries for these grads do more than just pay the bills. These ag graduates are in demand, especially as technology plays a larger role in the field.