A former Beef Products Inc. health and safety officer is planning a civil lawsuit to hold the media and other influencers responsible for job losses caused by the “pink slime” media storm.

Details about the lawsuit to be filed by former BPI environmental health and safety officer Bruce Smith will be given at a press conference June 26 afternoon. The press conference is hosted by Sioux City, Iowa-based Rauttnee Publishing Co., a company launched by Smith in 2004.

A press release announces the lawsuit is against a “national news broadcasting company" and "other prominent individuals" responsible for the pink slime controversy.

Consumer reaction to the pink slime coverage led BPI to close three of its four plants and layoff almost 1,000 employees.  

Smith released a book in response to the uproar over lean finely textured beef (LFTB) titled "Pink Slime Ate My Job." Copies of the book will be distributed at the press conference.