During the months of September and October, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc, is paying the fee for Beef Producers and Dairy Farmers to get BQA certified.  This will allow producers to save the $25 to $50 fee during the open certification period.

Producers can go to http://BQA.org/team, and that will get you to the right page and the code you need to enter. They are partnering with Kansas State’s Beef Cattle Institute for this online training, so you can also go to https://animalcaretraining.org to see all the modules that are available.”

The modules are divided up so if you’re a stocker backgrounder there’s a module for you, if you’re in the feedlot sector there’s a great module there, transportation folks have resources for them online, and the cow calf is, of course, online. Dairy producers also have their own specific BQA module online as well.

The BQA program is straight forward, and it’s just about taking the time to go through the modules. There’s a little quiz at the end, it’s not complicated. Each section is a narrated online slide show, you watch and listen to, and it covers the information that is on the quiz. The other nice feature about it is that it’s set up in small segments, so you can go through at your own pace and convenience, it will record your progress to that point, and then if you have to go out and do some work, it won’t back you up to the beginning, it will save to right there, and you can pick it up where you left off.

Becoming BQA and Dairy BQA certified sends a strong message to consumers. By being BQA certified you’re delivering that message to consumers that you care and are committed to delivering a high quality product.

Becoming BQA, and or Dairy BQA certified says that you’re serious about the cattle business. That you care enough about producing cattle the right way to make sure you are. All of us think in our own mind that we’re doing the right thing, but this is scientifically researched and proven by the best experts in the business, best management practices for each step of the way for your production, from nutrition to transportation to low stress handling – it covers it all in a concise way.

More than 11,000 producers have already taken advantage of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.’s BQA certification partnership. The partnership also includes financial support of Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute, which developed the certification module.

To learn more about producer investments in the Beef Checkoff Program, visit MyBeefCheckoff.com.