Anytime is a good time to undergo Beef Quality Assurance training and certification, but the next few weeks offer a perfect time for you, your family members and employees to obtain or renew your BQA certificate. That’s because Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc (BIVI) has partnered with the BQA program to offer the training at no cost to participants through March 15. That’s a savings of $25 to $50 per training package.

The program, introduced during the Cattle Industry Convention in Tampa, is part of BIVI’s “Prevention Works” platform for animal health. During the convention, we met with BIVI technical services veterinarian Craig Jones to discuss the program and related topics. Since last year, Jones says, the company has focused on disease prevention, believing a comprehensive approach toward keeping animals healthy provides benefits to animals, producers and consumers.

The company’s model for prevention of animal disease includes four management areas.

  1. Maintain a healthy herd through assessment of disease risk and prevent disease in individual and populations of animals, such as through vaccinations.
  2. Respond to subclinical (hidden) disease before significant morbidity and economic loss occur within a population or before subclinical disease progresses to become clinical disease in an individual animal.
  3. Treat clinical disease in individual and groups of animals to restore function, reduce disease-related complications, address animal welfare concerns, and prevent the disease from becoming chronic.
  4. Cull and/or euthanize animals that are nonresponsive to therapy, chronically debilitated by disease, or impose a serious risk of disease to other animals in the population.

Jones says prevention goes beyond vaccines, involving numerous aspects of management including nutrition, animal handling and biosecurity. It also involves choosing appropriate vaccines, administering them properly and at the right times. And when cattle do get sick, choosing the proper treatments, using animal-health products according to label directions and following veterinarian recommendations help ensure efficacy and protect animal welfare. This approach, Jones says, ties in closely with Beef Quality assurance, creating a natural fit for the company to partner with the BQA program.

For more information, visit the BIVI training website, which provides links to the modules and code for free access.