Animal welfare expert Temple Grandin emphasized the idea of inviting the general public to livestock operations so they know how livestock are treated behind the scenes.

Grandin toured feedlots and delivered the keynote speech at the Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA) BeefWorks Conference during her trip to Australia. She complimented the feedlots on their cleanliness and using the region’s ample weather conditions to their advantage.

The relationship between feedlot operators and consumers was a key topic for Grandin. She says the audience to target is the general public, rather than the radicals who want to end meat production.

Live video streaming and other website forums were highlighted as methods to make it easy for consumers to interact with the beef industry. The live footage of cattle handling and interaction makes consumers feel better about the origins of their food.

“We need to be showing the public what we do. When you are bashed you need to open the door, not close it,” Grandin said.

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