Thus far the winter has been warmer and drier than many were hoping for in Nebraska. The months that are historically the wettest are still ahead of us and hopefully will bring significant moisture. While the start of the growing season is still a couple of months away, farmers and ranchers should begin to plan now for the upcoming grazing season.

Dr. Jerry Volesky, Range/Forage Specialist at the West Central Research and Extension Center, recently recorded a webinar titled Grazing and Pasture Management During and After Drought. In this webinar Dr. Volesky discusses the impact of drought on pasture grasses and provides recommendations for pasture management after drought as well as with possible continued dry conditions in 2013. In addition, planning guidelines to react to varying levels of drought are presented.

A related article on pasture management and forages can be found on the UNL Drought Resources website. In addition, the Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch website has excellent information that producers can utilize in designing and developing a drought plan. Producers who develop and implement drought management plans for the upcoming grazing season will be in the best position to mitigate drought effects on their pastureland.

Source: Aaron Berger, UNL Extension Educator, University of Nebraska–Lincoln