W.T Waggoner’s famous family ranch is finally up for auction. The $725 million dollar ranch and all of its assets are up for sale. The property includes: two massive compounds, thousands of heads of livestock, cowboy camps, 1,200 oil wells and hundreds of homes on a mind-blowing 510,000 acres of land in North Texas that spans across six counties.

The heirs and stakeholders currently own most of the estate. The estate has been a part of American history for over 100 years and is the catalyst for cattle industry. 

In 1991, a lawsuit seeking the liquidation of the estate was filed, thus igniting a 12-year family feud between family members and shareholders.  A district judge in 2003, ruled in favor of the liquidation, but one of the primary stakeholders, A.B. “Bucky” Wharton III, appealed.

The heirs of the family agreed to list the estate after court said it was moving towards ordering an auction of the property assets.  The listing has already brought a considerable amount of attention from a plethora of interested buyers.