Bipartisan opposition of the farm bill led to its defeat in the House on Thursday.

According to Fox News, more than 60 House Republicans voted against the half-trillion-dollar bill. The bill sets funding for farm subsidies and other assistance.  

The vote was 234 to 195 against the bill.

The defeat was expected, however.

“The fate of the farm bill in the House is far from certain, with strong divisions over food stamps and dairy policy reforms. But it looks like a House farm bill will at least be debated; something that did not happen in 2012,” Rich Pottoroff, Doane chief economist and Washington analyst, wrote in his weekly “D.C. Watch” column.

The House bill cuts nearly $4 billion annually in overall spending on farm and nutrition programs, expanded crop insurance programs and created a new kind of crop insurance that kicks in before farmers' paid policies.

The bill also reworks the dairy program. Click here to read more.

The Senate passed its version of the farm bill last week by a vote of 66 to 27.