A popular burger chain has suspended its relationship with a California slaughterhouse after a third-party video revealed mistreated cows at the facility earlier this summer.

In-N-Out Burger severed its relationship with Central Valley Meat Company which has also been shut down by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service because of the video. Federal regulators are investigating the slaughterhouse to see if a recall is necessary in case beef from sick cows entered the food supply.

The video, shot undercover by Compassion Over Killing in June and July, shows cows struggling to walk or stand before slaughter. According to the Associated Press, the USDA  said the video shows footage of inhumane practices, but does not indicate beef from sick animals entered the food system.

The activist group says the slaughterhouse located 30 miles south of Fresno supplies meat to the National School Lunch Program.

Central Valley Meat Company told Reuters it was "extremely disturbed" to find it was suspended because of a third-party video, but noted it would cooperate fully with the USDA investigation.

"We take these allegations seriously and we are committed to correcting any problems identified on the video as quickly as we can," the company said, adding that it had retained an outside animal welfare expert to conduct an internal investigation.