In spite of our own government, the cattle market moves on! For the moment, the cattle market is reaching all time highs again, at least on the feeders and stockers, and with some moisture showing up, wheat peaking out of some fields, and cheaper grains, it looks like a great market and future for the industry.

It will be interesting to see how the cattle market, and markets in general, react to the ineptitude of our government leaders.  It is astounding that folks who were voted into the highest levels of government don’t even have the integrity to step down and say they weren’t doing the job right and have failed to uphold their positions.  From the looks of the salaries, much of the national debt could be lowered by them taking less pay.  If anyone needs furloughed or fired it is the congress and executive positions of the government.

It is interesting to see what is considered essential by the government.  Of course, different people in different places have different needs much like cattle on different soils might need different minerals.  Water and food are essential, committee meetings are not.

On the bright side, it appears like the grain harvest will be phenomenal this year compared to what everyone was expecting.  There is wheat poking out of the ground, and there have been some timely rains to get more of it in the ground!  Cattle prices do not seem to have any problem going up, and there is actually a scarce number of cattle coming out of the feedlot that didn’t lose $200.00 a head!

The fall calf run still looks to be delayed this year, but that just might mean somebody has enough moisture and feed to keep them a little longer!  It will be interesting to see how the calf market holds up when the numbers really start to move.  It sure looks like there will be some great demand for cattle down the road and we are off to a great start as far as wheat pasture goes.

Don’t forget about those cows!  The butcher cow market has come down some in the last few weeks and there are sure some bred cows out there that won’t cost much more than a light weight calf! If the moisture keeps coming it sure looks like those cows and calves will be worth something in the future and they are the only way to raise some beef!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Raise some beef! Graze some wheat!

Don’t forget the special calf sales coming up!