Panelists of the National Grocers Association Show have found a knowledgeable butcher can build a strong relationship with shoppers, encouraging repeat business and higher meat sales.

Participants at one of the show’s workshops shared success stories Tuesday in Las Vegas. Grocers have seen meat sales increase as customers return to the meat counter to learn about nutritional content, easy recipes and taste from their butcher.

“The butcher is alive and well at the independent supermarket,” Bob Buonomano, president of Windham IGA, a single-store operator in Willimantic, Conn., told Supermarket News. “If he simply shares his knowledge with the customer while providing her with service that will reinforce the store’s relationship with that customer.”

Retailers prioritized a consistent product over cost. Buonomano added his store focuses on high-end products at a reasonable price to shape a positive experience compared to highlighting low-cost products at a low price.

NCBA’s Trevor Amen also noted the advantages of a strong relationship between the butcher and shoppers, especially Millennials. The young generation is at a stage in life where they are  shopping for themselves and their families, having a source in the store who can help them select the beef product they’re looking for is a definite advantage.