KLA provided comments during a public hearing earlier this week on a trichomoniasis testing regulation proposed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health (DAH). One provision of the proposal would require non-virgin bulls, bulls of unknown virginity status and all bulls 19 months of age or older to be tested negative for trichomoniasis prior to moving within Kansas. KLA members enacted policy at the most recent convention supporting the proposed regulation.

Following the convention, a number of KLA members and veterinarians expressed concern about the appropriateness of testing virgin bulls less than 24 months of age. In response to this input, the KLA Stockgrowers Council Executive Committee took action to recommend a more phased-in approach for the testing of virgin bulls, suggesting DAH initially start with a regulation that requires testing of all bulls older than 24 months. During the hearing, KLA Stockgrowers Council Chair Mary Ann Kniebel of White City stated the proposed regulation would significantly impact Kansas seedstock producers, despite the low risk presented by virgin bulls marketed by these operations. 

“While KLA members originally voted to support the testing of all bulls 19 months of age and older, we believe DAH should pursue trichomoniasis regulations in an incremental fashion based on risk and industry acceptance,” said Kniebel.

Kniebel also suggested DAH engage the Trichomoniasis Working Group to determine additional steps necessary to address the detection and spread of the disease. At the conclusion of the hearing, agency officials announced the regulation would be revised and re-published to reflect several public comments, including the concerns of testing virgin bulls 19 to 24 months of age. Members can request a copy of KLA’s comments by calling the office at (785) 273-5115 or emailing matt@kla.org.

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