A number of bills supported by KLA during the Kansas legislative session were approved by both the House and Senate before the April 5 first adjournment. The bills now await the signature of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.  

State antitrust law - SB 124 would reform Kansas antitrust laws and correct a 2012 Kansas Supreme Court decision that placed marketing arrangements and forward contracts used in the beef industry at risk of being illegal and void. The bill specifies Kansas antitrust law does not apply to agreements or arrangements governed by the federal Packers and Stockyards Act. Both the House and Senate passed the bill by large margins before adjourning. SB 124 now awaits Gov. Brownback’s signature. 

Right-to-farm law - The House and Senate passed a conference committee report on SB 168, which would limit damages and protect future owners of farm and ranch operations faced with nuisance lawsuits. It now is on the desk of Gov. Brownback for his signature.

Dam and water permits - The House and Senate gave unanimous approval to a conference report on a bill that would reduce the number of dams required to have permits from the Division of Water Resources (DWR). HB 2363 also would exempt confined feeding wastewater containment structures from DWR permits if located in a low-hazard area and required to obtain Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) waste control permits. Gov. Brownback now must sign the bill before it can become law. 

Separation distance determination - Legislation (HB 2207) that would change the time when separation distance is determined for the expansion or construction of a confined feeding facility has passed the House and Senate and now sits on Gov. Brownback’s desk for final approval.

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