Livestock producers must build trust with consumers. That was the key message delivered by NCBA Executive Director of Communications Daren Williams during the Consumer Trends Forum, hosted by the Kansas Beef Council and Kansas CattleWomen at last week’s 100th KLA Convention. While 75% of Americans trust farmers and ranchers, this trust does not always transfer to the products consumed. Only 42% feel favorably about how beef is produced today. Williams said producers must be completely open, transparent and willing to answer questions to build consumer confidence. 

Producers must tell their stories in ways that resonate with Americans. Consumers are not concerned about the safety, affordability or abundance of beef. Instead, Williams said they want to know producers are continuously improving their production methods to supply healthy foods while using technology carefully and responsibly. 

“That’s the story of American agriculture; we just haven’t done a very good job of telling it,” Williams said. He encouraged producers to address consumers’ concerns through social media.

NCBA Senior Executive Director of Market Research John Lundeen opened the forum by describing characteristics of various demographic groups within the consuming public. He focused on finding ways to encourage beef consumption among the millennial generation, which generally includes people born in the 1980s and ‘90s.

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