MANHATTAN, Kan. - Kansas 4-H members from across the state competed in the 2011 Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes held at Kansas State University Aug. 20-21. This was the third year for the Sweepstakes event which included four competitions all in one weekend: Livestock Judging, Meats Judging, Livestock Skillathon, and Livestock Quiz Bowl.

In the Livestock Judging contest, teams of four individuals evaluated eight classes of breeding and market beef, sheep, and swine. In addition, they presented four sets of oral reasons to defend their placing of the classes.

The top five teams for Livestock Judging were: 1) Bourbon County – Cole George, Reed Gleason, Chase Gleason, and  Katelyn Vincent; 2) Wabaunsee – Sam Capoun, Wade Capoun, Jayna Flach, and Mandy Michaelis; 3) Wallace County – Callahan Grund, Grace Hammer, Lane Perry, and Garrett Reis; 4) Russell County – Lane Mai, Clayton Moubry, Jordan Moubry, and Payton Stoppel; 5) Scott County – Skyler Glenn, Tyler Hall, Miles Pearson, and Kiersten Scott. The top ten individual placing in Livestock Judging were: 1) Chase Gleason, Bourbon County; 2)Wade Capoun, Wabaunsee County; 3) Reed Gleason, Bourbon County; 4) Sam Capou, Wabaunsee County; 5) Lauren Geis, Marion County; 6) Tanner Aherin, Phillip-Rooks District; 7) Callahan Grund, Wallace County; 8) Ryan Coulson, Dickinson County; 9) Clayton Moubry, Russell, County; 10) Joelle Sylvester, Pottawatomie County.

For Meats Judging, 4-H members were challenged to identify retail cuts as well as judge classes of retail cuts, wholesale or primal cuts, and carcasses. They also answered questions about the classes and gave oral reasons defending their class placings. The top five teams were: 1) Scott County – Chris Davis, Luke Minnix, Aubrey Davis, and Kiersten Scott; 2) Bourbon County – Drew George, Cole George, Katelyn Vincent, Chase Gleason; 3) Montgomery County – Ty Wood, Josie Reilly, Adam Lattin, and Jerica Hall; 4) Finney County – Kurtis Clawson, Katy Clawson, Lindy Bilberry, and Jonathan Lock; 5) Pottawatomie County – Kyle Apley, Chelsey Figge, Shane Schaake, and Joelle Sylvester. The top ten individuals were: 1) Chris Davis, Scott County; 2) Drew George, Bourbon County; 3) Kurtis Clawson, Finney County; 4) Kyle Apley, Pottawatomie County; 5) Luke Minnix, Scott County; 6) Cole George, Bourbon County; 7) Katelyn Vincent, Bourbon County; 8) Aubrey Davis, Scott County; 9) Kiersten Scott, Scott County; and 10) Chase Gleason, Bourbon County.

The Livestock Skillathon tested animal science knowledge in a variety of different areas including feedstuffs, equipment identification, meats identification, breed identification, and livestock anatomy. The five teams coming out on top were: 1) Bourbon County, 2) Finney County, 3) Wallace County, 4) Brown County, and 5) Washington County Team #1. The top ten individuals coming out on top were: 1) Grace Hammer, Wallace County; 2) Katelyn Vincent, Bourbon County; 3) Kurtis Clawson, Finney County; 4) Drew Geoge, Bourbon County; 5) Kyle Apley, Pottawatomie County; 6) Hayleigh Passauer, Montgomery County; 7) Katherine Wist, Brown County; 8) Chase Gleason, Bourbon County; 9) Callahan Grund, Wallace County; and 10) Wyatt Durst, Washington County  Team #1.

Challenging the 4-H members’ range of knowledge over beef, sheep, swine, and meat goats was the Livestock Quiz Bowl. Team members completed a written exam which then placed teams in a bracket to compete head to head. The results for the Livestock Quiz Bowl were: 1) Pottawatomie County, 2) Wallace County, 3) Bourbon County, and 4) Finney County.

The event was coordinated by the K-State Youth Livestock Program located in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. To see results and for more information about future programs visit or contact the Youth Livestock Program Coordinator at (785) 532-1264.