A feedlot seven miles northwest of Hays, Kan. will close at the beginning of 2013 with two years of drought resulting in herd liquidation followed by the lowest cattle supply in decades.

Jerry Bohn, general manager of Pratt Feeders says the short-term intent is to close the Hays Feeders facility until the economics of the business improve. Pratt Feeders is an umbrella company which owns Hays Feeders and three other feedyards in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Bohn told the Salina Journal Hays Feeders was closed because it was doing the least amount of business. He said the decision to close the facility is "a function of the economics of the industry," but does not see the closure as the beginning of a trend to close more feedlots.

"I don’t think you’re gonna see some epidemic in terms of Kansas feedyards closing," Bohn told the Salina Journal.

Bohn expects tight cattle supplies for another two or three years but cattle numbers will return once cow-calf operations rebuild herds after the drought is broken.