Lallemand Animal Nutrition, North America, has released a new formulation of MICRO-CELL: MICRO-CELL LA 1 GRAM.

MICRO-CELL LA is a strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus BT-1386 which colonizes the lower gut of beef cattle fed all types of rations and competitively inhibits certain bacterial strains.

In a pooled summary of eight feedlot trials calves fed MICRO-CELL LA throughout the feeding period had greater Average Daily Gain +4.2% (P<0.01) and improved Feed Conversion +3.2% (P=0.02) when compared to control calves.  Additionally, in other research, up to 70% fewer calves fed MICRO-CELL LA tested positive for E. coli 0157:H7 in their feces when compared to control calves.  

Research shows that most health challenges faced by cattle occur during the initial receiving period, and that healthier cattle are more profitable. The strain of L. acidophilus used in MICRO-CELL LA 1 GRAM was selected for its ability to attach to intestinal epithelial cells. The product works particularly well in newly received high stress/high risk cattle, but should be fed for the entire feeding period full performance and pre-harvest intervention benefits.

Due to its high concentration, MICRO-CELL LA is a low inclusion feed additive, so follow label directions for use.

*MICRO-CELL LA 1GRAM is currently only available in the US.

Lallemand, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both, and is a recognized leader in screening for optimized microbial strains for feed, food and ethanol applications.

For additional information please visit the Lallemand website or call Customer Service at 1800 692 4700.