“This is all for her.”

That’s what Curt Chergosky, who farms in Jackson County, Minn., told reporters after news spread of his decision to donate his entire farm to 4-H in honor of his beloved fiancée, Andrea Ruesch.

Chergosky met Ruesch as she started her job as the newly-hired 4-H coordinator for Jackson County. KARE 11 News reports that it didn’t take long for the two to spark a budding friendship that transformed into a relationship.

After waiting nearly 50 years, Chergosky knew he had finally found his perfect match. Within a year of dating, they were engaged.

The long-time bachelor happily looked forward to their new life as a married couple, picking out names for future children as they worked together to complete chores of his crop and beef farm.

But just three months before they were to exchange vows, life took a cruel turn.

In the midst of weaning calves together, Ruesch feel ill. Chergosky soon called an ambulance to save his bride, but by the time he was able to join her in the hospital, she had already passed away of a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot in her lungs.

For years, Chergosky mourned his beloved fiancée.

"I was lost," Chergosky confides. "I had no idea what I was supposed to do."

This spring, that all changed. Chergosky knew what he needed to do to move forward – he wanted to donate his entire farm to 4-H.

Four hundred acres of the prime farmland alone could easily fetch $4 million. Under the agreement with 4-H, Chergosky will continue to farm until he retires at which point he will turn the land over to the organizations.

As one person commented on KARE 11, “What a wonderful man! He lost the love of his life...he donated his life of the farm.”

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