Calves have low body fat reserves and are susceptible to hypothermia when they are sick. This is especially so in cases of scours where dehydration exacerbates the hypothermia. Hypothermia weakens the calf’s immune system and is an important cause of mortality. Warming the calf is an essential part of treating scours and the MIRoTEC Calf Coat is a simple but very effective way of doing this.

Calves suffering from other diseases, such as pneumonia, often respond better if they are
kept warm. The MIRoTEC Calf Coat can also be used preventively for calves exposed to cold weather. Newborn calves have lower colostrum intakes if they are cold.

MIRoTEC is ideal for warming up cold and sick calvesA MIRoTEC calf coat gets them off to a better start, under these conditions.

Care must be used if the calf’s temperature is raised from disease. Ensure the sick calf is also being treated appropriately for its condition.

“I didn’t appreciate how important hypothermia was as part of calf scours until I saw how much quicker they responded when wearing the MIRoTEC Calf Coat.” Dr. Phil Poulton, Tarwin Veterinary Group Leongatha Australia 3193

Utilising “Space Blanket” Technology, MIRoTEC is a microperforated, metallisedreflective material laminated to a supportive polyester substrate. When placed against an animal’s body MIRoTEC reflects infra-red radiation and by reflecting heat, the blanket boosts blood circulation, whilst at the same time allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate. The effects of reflecting back the animal’s own infra-red radiation are to increase core temperature and local tissue temperature and to cause vasodilation - promoting local circulation. The porous construction of the MIRoTEC allows the escape of water vapour, but do check to ensure that excessive sweating is not taking place. If this occurs the MIRoTEC should only be used for short periods. MIRoTEC rugs are lightweight, durable and weatherproof.

Designed to snugly fit the calf’s body to insulate against heat loss and prevent heat exchange into the surrounding cold air.

They come in three adjustable sizes to fit both bull and heifer calves -
Large: Ideal for 45 - 50 kg calf but fits 35 - 80 kg calf.
Small: Ideal for 25 - 30 kg calf but fits 20 - 40 kg calves.
Extra Small: Fits 15 - 20 kg calf