FULTON, IL … Currently, high grain prices and shrinking profit margins in the feedlot business have forced cattle producers to look for other options that will help maintain and/or enhance their profitability. Two recent field trials, one conducted in Western Iowa and the other in Central Washington, demonstrated that feeding Maximiser® to feedlot cattle improved feed efficiency and nutrient digestibility, thereby improving profitability.  Maximiser® (Agri-King, Inc., Fulton, IL) is an enzyme-based feed additive designed to enhance the nutrient digestibility of feedlot diets based on corn and corn co-products, such as distillers grains and gluten feed.   

The Iowa field trial demonstrated that colored steers fed Maximiser® had improved dry matter (DM; 7.4%), protein (12.9%), starch (6.7%), and NDF (13.7%) digestibilities.  It was calculated that the Control cattle wasted (excreted) an extra $0.11 worth of nutrients per day compared to the cattle fed Maximiser®.  The greater nutrient digestibility led to an improvement in feed conversion from 6.74 to 6.52 lbs of DM intake per lb of gain for a 3.3% improvement.  This improvement allowed cattle to go to market nine days earlier.

The Washington field trial (124 days) demonstrated that feeding Holstein steers Maximiser® had improved feed conversions from 6.45 to 5.88, or an 8.8% improvement.  With feed costs being $0.12 per lb of DM intake, feeding Maximiser® reduced feed costs from $0.77 to $0.72 per lb of gain.  Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit stated: “It would cost $25 less per steer to gain 500 lbs when fed Maximiser®”. 

About Agri-King, Inc.

Agri-King, Inc. is headquartered in Fulton, IL, USA, and internationally known for precise feed analysis, ration formulation, and innovative nutritional products.  Agri-King is a highly respected leader in working with livestock producers to optimize production, enhance feed efficiency, and maximize producer profits.  For further information, contact Agri-King, Inc. at 800-435-9560 or www.agriking.com.