Following McDonald’s decision last week to remove one-third pound Angus burgers from U.S. menus the company is modifying its menu with new versions of the Quarter Pounders and more bacon.

The move may be a response to rising beef prices affecting McDonald’s, and other fast food restaurants, who want to offer affordable food with a focus on value. McDonald’s launched the Angus line in 2009 but made the decision to remove the burgers after wholesale prices for choice-grade beef reached record highs above $200 per hundredweight.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the menu change was not strictly monetary. McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud says the company wants to capitalize on core menu items that have experienced a surge in sales recently.

McDonald’s new menu offerings include three Quarter Pounders: the Bacon and Cheese, Deluxe and Habanero Ranch. The first two were also versions of the Angus burger which sold for about $5. The Associated Press reports the new Quarter Pounders will be served on a bun with eight grams of whole grains. Other new products include chicken McWraps, Egg McMuffins made with egg whites and a whole grain muffin.

The new Quarter Pounders, and any other McDonald’s sandwiches containing bacon now have a thicker slice of apple wood-smoked bacon in place of the previous hickory-smoked bacon. The Chicago Tribune reports the bacon upgrade was a result of customer feedback.

"We've had some feedback from our consumer that our bacon may not have been as high quality or met their expectations but we are just in the process of rolling out a new bacon system wide," Neil Golden, chief marketing officer of McDonald's USA said in an interview.

The change in bacon will take effect quickly while the new burgers will arrive by mid-June.