After Burger King copied its competitor’s signature Big Mac, McDonald’s responds with an attempt to top BK’s former ‘Have it your way’ campaign with the ultimate premium customizable burger.

McDonald’s testing premium custom burgers ordered via iPadThe new burger, testing on a limited basis in Laguna Niguel and Romeoville, Illinois, allows customers to use an iPad to order a premium customized burger with an array of more than 20 different toppings and sauces. The three signature burgers available for customization are the SoCal Style, Hot All Over and Grill Thriller.

The chain discontinued its line of Angus burgers last May so the new promotion uses the Quarter Pounder patty, but McDonald’s says it’s “chargrilled-to-order.”

Upon entering the restaurant, two employees in black and white chef’s aprons help customers place custom orders on one of two iPads. The move is an attempt to recapture older, more particular customers who have migrated to other fast casual restaurants.

“With these tests, we will have an opportunity to hear directly from our customers in real-time on what they expect from McDonald’s in terms of the overall restaurant experience and their ability to further customize their menu choices,” McDonald’s told the Orange County Register  in a prepared statement.

McDonald’s is altering its menu and giving restaurants a makeover to remain competitive in the market. Burger King recently released its version of the Big Mac, call the Big King, with two beef patties, a a slice of American cheese, a middle bun, lettuce, white onions, pickles and sweet thousand island-style dressing on a sesame seed bun.