Facing many of the same challenges and willing to learn from each other, the meat and poultry sectors are joining together to present a new research conference. The dates are set for Nov. 1-2, and the conference will be held in Kansas City.

It will be known as the Meat and Poultry Research Conference, and it is co-sponsored by the American Meat Institute Foundation, National Pork Board, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and U.S. Poultry and Egg Association.

Steve Larsen, NPB’s pork safety director, says, “We are looking forward to this forum to not only share research results and set priorities among our groups, but to develop a comprehensive farm-to-fork strategy for building consumer demand. We know the pork industry’s We Care principles will help in this process as we continue to demonstrate producers’ commitment to socially responsible production.”

The American Meat Science Association, Poultry Science Association and USDA’s Agriculture Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture also will be involved with the two-day conference, which will be open to industry, government and academia.

As research dollars continue to tighten the conference will allow exchange of ideas and promote open discussion on current and future research needs and efforts.

AMI will post more information regarding the conference as it becomes available.