Students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Animal Sciences have the opportunity to work jobs that most students probably haven’t even considered. The university’s Meat Lab offers students the opportunity to gets hands-on experience in working with meat. The Meat Lab includes a butchery, called Bucky’s Butchery, where students like Alex Richter can work, Theresa McCulla reports for the Huffington Post.

Supply at the butchery is led by demand, but, unlike the average butchery, demand at Bucky’s doesn’t come from the public. Instead, the butchery’s main purpose is to help university professors with research. Supply follows the academic calendar at Bucky’s.

Professors in different departments utilize the animals for a variety of reasons. For example, while the Animal Science studies look for the best way to raise the best-quality meat, the School of Medicine and Public Health seeks to learn more about human well-being from the animals.

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