A registry of convicted animal abusers may be coming soon to Michigan if a bill proposed earlier this month becomes law.

According to MLive.com, two state Representatives — Republican Paul Muxlox, and Democrat Harvey Santana — introduced H.B. 4535 on April 10. Known as the Michigan “Animal Abuser Registry Law,” the bill would create a registry for animal abusers similar to sex offender registries. Click here to read the bill.

"We're not looking for more regulation, but we're also not looking for more abuse either," Muxlow said. "There are a lot of animal lovers and supporters out there. I think they'll get behind this."

Under the bill, anyone convicted of animal neglect, dog fighting or other animal-cruelty crimes would be required to register within five days of sentencing. Offenders would remain on the registry for five years.  

If passed, the statewide registry would be the first of its kind in the country.

Read, “Michigan bill would create 1st statewide registry for convicted animal abusers in country.”

While many in the state support the bill, not everyone believes it would be a good thing.

“Pass this stupid law and farm animals will have to be housed in a small condo. The animal-rights nuts are licking their chops just thinking how they can twist this law into banning hunting and farming,” one person commented on the MLive.com article.

Another comment added, “the records of convicted felons can already be accessed online. This boondoggle would be duplicative. We do not need another taxpayer-funded, bloated, activist-oriented agency that will expand until it sucks up millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars. “