Michigan prosecutors say that a Mt. Pleasant man who was accused of reporting his dead cows as stolen and improperly disposing of 71 head of cattle has also neglected up to 495 head of cattle. The cattle remains were found on and near the farm he was renting in piles, Rick Mills reported for The Morning Sun.

John W. Montross heads to trial on Monday. He has previously testified that the 71 dead calves that investigators found were found before he had time to properly dispose of them as called for in state regulations. However, Montross has a history of improperly disposing of dead cattle, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Robert Holmes said in court documents.

Over the years he raised cattle, he reportedly purchased 636 cattle and only sold 141, according to court records.

“This leaves 496 cattle unaccounted for, and presumably part of the three bone piles discovered by investigating officers,” Holmes wrote. “Officers seized from the bone piles a total of 391 cattle ear tags, with 241 being from individual identifiable animals.”

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